Relaxation and hysteresis near Shapiro resonances in a driven spinor condensate

Authors:  Bertrand Evrard, An Qu, Karina Jiménez-García, Jean Dalibard, Fabrice Gerbier


Spontaneous formation and relaxation of spin domains in antiferromagnetic spin-1 quasi-condensates

Authors:  K. Jiménez-García, A. Invernizzi, B. Evrard, C. Frapolli, J. Dalibard, F. Gerbier


Quantum-enhanced sensing using non-classical spin states of a highly magnetic atom

Authors:  Thomas Chalopin, Chayma Bouazza, Alexandre Evrard, Vasiliy Makhalov, Davide Dreon, Jean Dalibard, Leonid A. Sidorenkov, Sylvain Nascimbene

Magazine:  Nature Communications, 9, 4955

Anisotropic light-shift and magic-polarization of the intercombination line of Dysprosium atoms in a far-detuned dipole trap

Authors:  Thomas Chalopin, Vasiliy Makhalov, Chayma Bouazza, Alexandre Evrard, Adam Barker, Maxence Lepers, Jean-François Wyart, Olivier Dulieu, Jean Dalibard, Raphael Lopes, Sylvain Nascimbene

Magazine:  Phys. Rev. A 98 040502(R)

Sound propagation in a uniform superfluid two-dimensional Bose gas

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Magazine:  Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 145301

Topological Bands for Ultracold Atoms

Authors:  N. R. Cooper, J. Dalibard, I. B. Spielman


Resonant-light diffusion in a disordered atomic layer

Authors:  R. Saint-Jalm, M. Aidelsburger, J.L. Ville, L. Corman, Z. Hadzibabic, D. Delande, S. Nascimbene, N. Cherroret, J. Dalibard, J. Beugnon

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Transmission of near-resonant light through a dense slab of cold atoms

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Relaxation dynamics in the merging of N independent condensates

Authors:  M. Aidelsburger, J. L. Ville, R. Saint-Jalm, S. Nascimbène, J. Dalibard, J. Beugnon

Magazine:  Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 190403

Stepwise Bose-Einstein condensation in a spinor gas

Authors:  C. Frapolli, T. Zibold, A. Invernizzi, K. Jiménez-García, J. Dalibard, F. Gerbier

Magazine:  Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 050404

Superfluidity and relaxation dynamics of a laser-stirred 2D Bose gas

Authors:  Vijay Pal Singh, Christof Weitenberg, Jean Dalibard, Ludwig Mathey

Magazine:  Phys. Rev. A 95, 043631 

Loading and compression of a single two-dimensional Bose gas in an optical accordion

Authors:  J.L. Ville, T. Bienaimé, R. Saint-Jalm, L. Corman, M. Aidelsburger, L. Chomaz, K. Kleinlein, D. Perconte, S. Nascimbène, J. Dalibard, J. Beugnon

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Optical cooling and trapping of highly magnetic atoms: The benefits of a spontaneous spin polarization

Authors:  Davide Dreon, Leonid A. Sidorenkov, Chayma Bouazza, Wilfried Maineult, Jean Dalibard, Sylvain Nascimbene

Magazine:  Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Volume 50, Number 6

Quantum Simulation and Spectroscopy of Entanglement Hamiltonians

Authors:  Marcello Dalmonte, Benoît Vermersch, Peter Zoller

Magazine:  Nature Physics 14, S. 827 - 831

Rényi Entropies from Random Quenches in Atomic Hubbard and Spin Models

Authors:  Andreas Elben, Benoît Vermersch, Marcello Dalmonte, J. Ignacio Cirac, Peter Zoller

Magazine:  Physical Review Letters 120/5, No. 050406

Free-space photonic quantum link and chiral quantum optics

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Magazine:  Physical Review A (Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics) 98/4, No. 043825

SO(3) "Nuclear Physics" with ultracold Gases

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Magazine:  Annals of Physics 393, S. 466 - 483

Unitary n-designs via random quenches in atomic Hubbard and Spin models: Application to the measurement of Rényi entropies

Authors:  B. Vermersch, A. Elben, M. Dalmonte, J. I. Cirac, P. Zoller

Magazine:  Physical Review A (Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics) 97, No. 023604

Dark state optical lattice with sub-wavelength spatial structure

Authors:  Yang Wang, Sarthak Subhankar, Przemyslaw Bienias, Mateusz Łącki, Tsz-Chun Tsui, Mikhail A. Baranov, Alexey V. Gorshkov, Peter Zoller, James V. Porto, Steven L. Rolston

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Theory of a Quantum Scanning Microscope for Cold Atoms

Authors:  Dayou Yang, Catherine Laflamme, Denis Vasilyev, Mikhail Baranov, Peter Zoller

Magazine:  Physical Review Letters 120, No. 133601

Quantum scanning microscope for cold atoms

Authors:  Dayou Yang, Denis V. Vasilyev, Catherine Laflamme, Mikhail A. Baranov, Peter Zoller

Magazine:  Physical Review A (Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics) 98/2, No. 023852

Publications for 2019 will follow soon

Probing entanglement entropy via randomized measurements

Authors:  Tiff Brydges, Andreas Elben, Petar Jurcevic, Benoît Vermersch, Christine Maier, Ben P. Lanyon, Peter Zoller, Rainer Blatt, Christian F. Roos


Self-Verifying Variational Quantum Simulation of the Lattice Schwinger Model

Authors:  Christian Kokail, Christine Maier, Rick van Bijnen, Tiff Brydges, Manoj K. Joshi, Petar Jurcevic, Christine A. Muschik, Pietro Silvi, Rainer Blatt, Christian F. Roos, Peter Zoller


Revealing Hidden Antiferromagnetic Correlations in Doped Hubbard Chains via String Correlators

Authors:  Timon A. Hilker, Guillaume Salomon, Fabian Grusdt, Ahmed Omran, Martin Boll, Eugene Demler, Immanuel Bloch, Christian Gross

Magazine:  Science, Vol.  357; Iss. 6350

Coherent Many-Body Spin Dynamics in a Long-Range Interacting Ising Chain

Authors:  Johannes Zeiher, Jae-yoon Choi, Antonio Rubio-Abadal, Thomas Pohl, Rick van Bijnen, Immanuel Bloch, and Christian Gross

Magazine:  Physical Review X, Vol. 7, Iss. 4 Opens external link in new windowhttps://arxiv.org/abs/1705.08372

Interaction Dependent Heating and Atom Loss in a Periodically Driven Optical Lattice

Authors:  Martin Reitter, Jakob Näger, Karen Wintersperger, Christoph Sträter, Immanuel Bloch, André Eckardt, and Ulrich Schneider

Magazine:  Phys. Rev. Lett.119, 200402

Quantum simulations with ultracold atoms in optical lattices

Authors:  Christian Gross , Immanuel Bloch

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Dynamic optical lattices of sub-wavelength spacing for ultracold atoms

Authors:  Sylvain Nascimbene, Nathan Goldman, Nigel Cooper, and Jean Dalibard

Magazine:  Phys. Rev. Lett. 115 arXiv:1506.00558

Quantum Simulation and Spectroscopy of Entanglement Hamiltonians,

Authors:  M. Dalmonte, B. Vermersch, P. Zoller