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Second International UQUAM Workshop, Innsbruck

The UQUAM team in Innsbruck

The second UQUAM workshop took place in the Opens external link in new windowHotel Grauer Bär in Innsbruck from 21-24 September 2015. About 80 scientists from all groups as well as 10 invited speakers participated.

On 22 September, members of the European Research Council (ERC) together with external reviewers  visited the conference in order to assess the pilot Synergy Grant funding scheme.

Invited speakers: Zoran Hadzibabic (Cambridge, UK), Thierry Giamarchi (University of Geneva, CH), Daniel Podolsky (Technion, IL), Ana Maria Rey (JILA, USA), Dima Abanin (University of Geneva, CH), Eugene Demler (Harvard, USA), Francesca Ferlaino (Unviersity of Innsbruck, A), Martin Zwierlein (MIT, USA), Markus Oberthaler (University of Heidelberg, D), Michael Koehl (University of Bonn, D)

A full program of the conference is available Initiates file downloadhere.

A map showing the shortest way to the Bierstindl restaurant is available Initiates file downloadhere.