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Fourth UQUAM Retreat San Servolo Venice

Invited Talk by Nir Navon

Discussion rounds

Poster Session

The fourth annual international UQUAM retreat took place at Venice International Unviersity San Servolo, official international partner of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University. Around 70 young and senior scientists from all project groups came together to discuss and present their recent scientific findings on Ultracold Quantum Matter.

Besides scientific talks, especially junior scientists had the possibility to discuss their results during two poster session and two discussion rounds. In addition to that, the following invited speakers added their expertise and also served as moderators for several vivid discussion rounds.

The invited speakers of the 4th UQUAM retreat were: Frank Pollmann (TU Munich); Nir Navon (Yale); Leonardo Fallani (University of Florence), Christof Weitenberg (University of Hamburg), Norman Yao (Berkeley), Rosario Fazio (ICTP Trieste).

You can download the retreat booklet here:Initiates file download Booklet 4th UQUAM retreat